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Who is Sermet Kalip?

In 1985, Sermet Kalip started to carbide tools manufacturing for multi station cold heading and forming machines and became leading manufacturer in Turkey. Aconsciously and fastidiously planned long term investment programme gave the opportunity to further modernise the manufacturing facilities.The most important strenght of Sermet Kalip is combining continuous investment on new machinery which capable of manufacturing long lifed and net shapped tools and a ayears of experienceas.

The range of applications for tools developed and manufactured by Sermet Kalip is from cold semi-hot or even hot forging. Today Sermet Kalip can produse tools for bolt, screw and nut former machineries to meet the need of the costumers in local market.

Also, Sermet Kalip can meet the need of the costumers which are established at Europe, Milde East and Asia, by using the best quality carbide and metalws, wide range machine park including CNClathes, High Precision Grindings, Wire Erosions and skills of the well-educated staff.

Customer satisfation is the crucial element needed for our long-term success. The success of our products and work is strongly backed up by our Professional quality management system. By this way, Sermet Kalip can quarentee solid corporate developments and the jobs our employees.

The essential elements for customer satisfaction are: - the absolute reliability of our tools, - high productivity levels as a result of the cost-effective use of the lates technology, - meeting delivery deadlines, - providing high-quality products judged by our prices,

In order to meet these demans,Sermet Kalip introduced a systematic quality management system in the early 2008 and the company is certşfşed şn line with DIN ISO EN 9001:2008 We are also seeking to constantly improve our processes and services and remain in close contact with our customers to achive this.

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